Steve Martin says Ambien helped Him win at Poker

I certainly wouldn’t advise people to use sleeping medications when they don’t need them.  After all, this stuff can make people really groggy the next morning and, even worse, it can be harmful to your health if you use too much sleep medication.  However, it might be worth a try to use a little Ambien some night after the story I heard Steve Martin recently tell.

The former SNL funny man and movie star appeared on David Letterman to talk about The Pink Panther 2 and other stuff he is working on at the moment.  And during the show, Martin also started talking about online poker which brought up a very interesting story involving him and Ambien.  Steve Martin takes Ambien to help him sleep better and Martin happened to play poker one night before he took his Ambien.  Before he went to sleep, Martin had $500 in his account and, when he woke up the next morning, Martin found that he had $1,500 in his account.

Martin wrote the site he was playing at to find out how the money got there and, much to his surprise, found that the money made its way into his account during the hours he thought he was sleeping.  Apparently, Martin was playing online poker while he was kind of sleeping under the influence of Ambien and had added $1,000 to his account during this time. 

Ambien has been reported in other odd cases where people will do stuff while they’re sleeping such as drive, make food, use their phone, etc. while they’re on this medication.  It looks like you can add playing online poker to the list of things you can do on Ambien now, but I still wouldn’t recommend it for this purpose.  It seems like you could just as easily lose money this way too.

4 thoughts on “Steve Martin says Ambien helped Him win at Poker

  1. RS

    Funny post. Seems really bizzarre that Ambien can put you on autopilot if you don’t make a conserted effort to fall asleep. And even then, if you try to fall asleep but don’t you might be liable to get up and do something you will have no recollection of in the morning. Seems, I don’t know, “not good” to me. Just my pennypenny

  2. Jeremy

    I’d hate to wake up in the morning and find that I’d lost $1,000 instead. The more I think about it, Ambien really seems kind of dangerous if you’re doing stuff on autopilot and not even realizing it.

  3. RS

    For sure man.

    I’ve woken up many mornings not realizing what I had done for most of the previous night (due to drinking or weed or the dangerous combo) – not good.

    The first thing I usually check is that I still have my wallet and cell phone. If so, I can usually get back to sleep with ease.

    I wouldn’t want to worry about my poker account as well. Steve Martin isn’t too worried about a G i think…but still

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