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Would Julius Caesar Slow Play Aces?

Phil Hellmuth made quite an entrance to this years WSOP Main Event. He came dressed as the former Roman emperor, Julius Caesar, surrounded by a string of beautiful women in white toga-like dresses, and rose pettles were thrown at his feet. It was ridiculous, absurd, and comical! He was clearly embarrassed by the publicity stunt – and if you missed it, here it is:

It’s unlike Phil Hellmuth to play up for the cameras (cough!), but he was here with a purpose. “I came here to conquer like Caesar!” said Hellmuth as he entered the Rio. “I’m here to win my 12th bracelet.” Well he didn’t really conquer did he…finishing 400th of somewhere (I’m not 100% on the exact placing). To be fair, he made the money, but I wonder how the models who accompanied him in his entrance took the news – “400th? I thought he was the emperor of poker”. Of course they probably don’t know about variance.

Phil got busted slow playing Aces, by just flat calling an early position raiser, and allowing two more players to see a flop. All his chips went into middle on the flop, when he was behind (see official WSOP site for more details) to two pair, then a straight. Basically he tried playing too cute and I often here professional poker players say the biggest mistake amatuers make is slow playing big hands. Well I can’t wait to see the ESPN WSOP shows, especially when Hellmuth gets his balls busted. Can’t wait!

Anger Management and Poker

Online poker is such a relaxing game, where we can sit in the comfort of our own home and enjoy the ups and downs of this magnificent game – free from the stresses and strains of work. It is a game to pass time and if we’re lucky, pick up a coin of the realm or two. Of course this isn’t the case for everyone. Some people can’t deal with the bad beats that comes with online poker, and they just get hopping mad. Here’s a classic example:

What makes me laugh most about that guy, is that he called the hand before he saw it. But boy did his mood change once he realized this guy had called pre-flop with K2 suited.

Here’s the same player again, and this time he’s just tilting badly. But he is giving great entertainment:

Now here’s my favorite clip EVER, which has nothing to do with poker. It’s related to the theme of this post though, which is anger management. We all get annoyed by tele marketers, but I sense the frustration has been building up with this guy:

Love it! This is a few years old now so he’s probably died of a heart attack. Let’s just hope he hasn’t taken up playing online poker, as I’m not sure how he’d handle getting outdrawn.