What's with People Stealing WSOP bracelets?

One of the biggest status symbols in the poker world are the World Series of Poker bracelets.  These gold bracelets are pinnacles of the game and represent a champion on poker’s biggest stage.  And it is often these golden rings that define a live tournament player’s career.  Phil Hellmuth is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, poker stars on the planet due to his record 11 WSOP bracelets.  And Hellmuth is lucky that he’s never had any of them stolen as this seems to be a popular thing as of late in the world of poker.

That’s because Hoyt Corkins recently had both of his hard earned gold bracelets stolen when his Las Vegas home was recently burglarized.  Apparently, the burglars cut a huge hole in the garage drywall and not only stole his two WSOP bracelets but also his Harley Davidson, 2005 Jeep, Yukon Denali, his personal safe, and other poker-related stuff. 

This certainly has to ruin Hoyt’s vacation as he is currently in Florida right now.  He’ll no doubt be unable to relax now and said through the media, “I am clearly devastated by this. My hope is that the poker community will help me try and recover the irreplaceable items that were taken.  I truly appreciate the outpouring of love and support I have received.”

This truly gutless act by the burglars in which they stole two symbols of Hoyt’s best ever poker memories reminds me of when similar cowards also stole three bracelets from Ted Forrest.  The first three WSOP bracelets that Forrest ever won were taken from his home leaving him with just one as he gave the other to his daughter.  Actually, Forrest has two because he bought one off of Hamid Dastmalchi who was complaining that the WSOP weren’t even worth $1,500.  Forrest then gave him three $500 chips for the gold bracelet. 

Getting back to the original story, hopefully this is the last we will hear of WSOP bracelet thefts though.  They bring great memories to the players who have won them (except for maybe Dastmalchi) and have little value to the burglars who steal them making it senseless. 


2 thoughts on “What's with People Stealing WSOP bracelets?

  1. Jeremy Olson

    Yea, I would hate to go through an entire tournament, win it, and then have my most treasured memory from it stolen. At least the players still have their prize money from the tourney.


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