South Carolina is Finally lightening up

South Carolina has traditionally been one of the toughest states in America when it comes to poker and gambling.  In fact, this state has had restrictions against gambling in general for over two centuries and has been one of the most reluctant states to change.  However, there could be some light on the horizon since a new bill has been introduced that would allow private poker games and gambling-related fundraisers to take place within the state.

The bill was introduced by Glen McConnel (R-Charleston) and it calls for people to be allowed to have private poker games at their house as long as there is not rake taken plus charity fundraisers where slot machines and sports betting are the only things barred.  McConnel did a good job in pointing out that South Carolina’s ancient anti-gambling laws could be understood to prevent simple board games such as Monopoly from being played and said that the state shouldn’t determine whether or not friends can play poker together.

He also went on to state how effective things like casino night can be in helping churches and other non-profit organizations raise money.  A bill similar to McConnel’s was introduced two years ago, but it never made it out of the committee.

This makes me wonder whether or not the new bill has a chance of succeeding in a state where gambling has been looked at as an evil for 207 years.  However, I definitely think South Carolina needs to take some steps forward in relation to their strict anti-gambling laws and consider passing this bill.

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