The Best Poker Prop Bets

When you’re winning hundreds of thousands of dollars (maybe even millions) a year and you are a gambler at heart like most successful pro poker players, you’re probably going to throw your money around a little bit.  Okay, maybe you’ll throw it around a lot like some of the players who have been involved in some of my personal favorite prop bets of all time.  Here’s my list:

1. Ted Forrest is the biggest prop better out of any players on this list and he proved it by throwing $7,000 on the table in order to accept a challenge that he couldn’t run a marathon.  Unfortunately for him, the marathon fell on a day where Las Vegas was hit with 115 degree weather.  Nevertheless, Forrest somehow managed to make it around the UNLV track 104 and a half times to win the bet.  But it was costly as he had to be taken to the hospital for dehydration and foot burns after the track melted his shoes.

2. Staying with Ted Forrest, he once told Mike Matusow that he would give him $100,000 if Matusow could drop from his current weight (at the time) of 241 pounds to his old college weight of 181.  Matusow made it to 196 with 7 days left and had to cut 15 pounds over the last week to make it.  Amazingly, he cut the 15 pounds in 7 days using drastic measures and won the bet.

3. Golf is already an expensive enough game as it is but Daniel Negreanu and Patrick Antonius decided to make things a little more pricey as they bet each other $20,000 a hole over the entire 18.  Negreanu battled back to end up 20K ahead of Antonius by the end.

4. Howard Lederer is a devout vegan but decided that the $10,000 David Grey offered him to eat a cheeseburger was enough to break his status for a moment as he downed the cow patty. 

5. Doing a standing back flip is not exactly the safest thing in the world to do.  But Huck Seed took the risk as he learned to do the back flip in less than two months to win $10,000.

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