Who's going to be Playing Poker on Christmas?

I’ve noticed that several of the major poker rooms out there are offering people special deals on Christmas day.  Most of these deals involve doubling or tripling the amount of reward points players can earn on Christmas while some places are offering other bonuses too.  I have also seen that some rooms are holding special tournaments during the holidays in an effort to draw more players in.

Now I understand the reason why these poker rooms are offering lots of tournaments and deals to draw people to their sites – they need to do something to get people to play on Christmas.  But honestly, even with these bonuses and tournaments, who is going to be taking time away from Christmas to jump into an online tournament?

There is certainly some incentive with the double and triple bonus points but I just don’t see a whole lot of people rushing to take advantage of this stuff on the 25th.  I really doubt that I’ll be hitting the tables to take advantage of these deals unless they’re still going on at 10 or 11 o’clock.  Definitely not during the earlier hours though when everything is going on with regards to Christmas.

I’m sure that the special deals these rooms are offering will entice some people to the tables but I won’t be one of them.  Those who are hardcore enough poker players to be hitting the tables on Christmas probably won’t be staying long anyways.  However, the few that do enter the tournaments will probably be getting a great vaule since the rooms will have to stake a lot of the prize pools.

4 thoughts on “Who's going to be Playing Poker on Christmas?

  1. BWoP

    Some people don’t celebrate Christmas.

    So perhaps the sites are trying to create the biggest incentive to play on their site for those who don’t observe Christian holidays.

    I spent most of Christmas Eve playing $2/$5 NLHE at the Borgata last year. I would still have been playing on Christmas Day were it not for the fact that my BF still observes some Christmas traditions.

  2. The Poker Jerk

    I could care less about Xmas, so to me it’s the best time to play! A lot of the losers in online games seem stupider than ever during the holidays, I guess overstuffed with turkey or something.

  3. Jeremy

    That’s weird that players are stupider during the holidays. I’d have thought only the hardcore people would be playing a lot at this time.

  4. The Poker Jerk

    I think it’s due to all the geeks dickin’ around while waiting for their stupid family members to have fun cooking crap and drinking shitty fake eggnog mixed with cheap brandy or something…

    Or maybe I’m just luckier this time around 😉


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