Poker enters the Hip-Hop World

There’s normally a formula that rappers and other artists in the hip-hop community follow to release successful records.  They normally try to build some type of street cred, align with some of the people who’ve already made it in the hip-hop world, and then rap about the streets and other related subjects.  Poker usually doesn’t fall anywhere in the mix.

However, a rapper named The Illest thinks differently and released his rap about poker that features a full 3 minute and 25 second song.  It’s called “Live pros gonna die hoez” and, in my opinion, it isn’t absolutely horrible for a poker rap song.  Of course this is in comparison to Prahlad Friedman’s “Poker is Fun” rap that was done for the WSOP.  Hear this abomination here.

Now I’ll admit that the name of the song in “Live pros gonna die hoez” is absolutely retarded but some of the lyrics are pretty humorous such as when The Illest starts fires several disses at Phil Hellmuth including, “If he talks to me, I’m gonna put him on his fucking back.”  The basic jest of the song is that online players are better than live pros.  Plus there’s a shameless promotional line for thrown into the track which I’m guessing may have some definite influence on the song.  Listen to the whole thing here.

The Illest better watch out though because Phil Hellmuth has some rapping skills of his own which can be seen here.  And he’s not nearly as bad as Prahlad Friedman so he might actually be able to defend himself against the verbal assault from The Illest.  Do I smell a future rap battle here?

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