Is playing Poker a Good Idea for the Unemployed Right Now?

The amount of Americans that are unemployed right now is at an all-time high since millions of people are without jobs in the US.  Blandino Gines happens to be one of the millions of unemployed people right now, but he has managed to turn his misfortune into an excellent opportunity as he recently won a $20,000 seat in the NBC Heads-Up Poker Championship that will be held in Las Vegas. 

Gines was able to defeat 590,000 other players through a series of poker satellites and qualifiers to earn his seat to the event where over $500,000 in prize money awaits.  And the win has brought great joy to the unemployed San Jose man who has been waiting patiently to secure any kind of job he can.  Now Gines finally has something to cheer about during these tough times as he will be heading to Caesars Palace with a guest very soon.  However, the question must be asked, “Should he have been playing poker in the first place?”

Of course it is Blandino Gines choice on what he will do with his time off of work, but it seems that playing poker might not be the best idea right now.  And I like poker as much as the next person, however, I don’t think you should be playing if you don’t have extra disposable income rolling in to play with.  And this doesn’t just go for Gines either as there are plenty of other unemployed people that are playing poker when they should probably be focusing on other more important things.

Now it is everyone’s dream to make it big playing poker or even just to win an incredible prize package such as the one Gines scored.  But for every Gines that wins something like this, there are thousands of other people that lost money in the satellites and they don’t have a job to back them up.  I definitely fear that there may be some who are spending more money than they can afford to as well.

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