Live Poker is Rigged!!!

Well that’s if you think online poker is rigged, which I don’t. But if ever proof were needed that live poker is rigged, then here it is:

Of course it’s not rigged! As Jarred, the YouTuber who posted this video said; it’s “An Amazing Sick Hand AA vs KK vs KK!!!”

But I chuckled when I scrolled down the comments on YouTube:

This had to be a PokerStars shuffle, no wait if it was PokerStars the 5th King would have shown up!

Did Full Tilt Poker shuffle this deck?

I’m sure there are a lot more comments like these, but I usually don’t read comments on YouTube because, a) it’s usually posted by some brain dead ignorant moron, or b) it’s spam.

Perhaps I’m being overly harsh. They might have been joking about online poker being rigged. Or maybe the guys at Full Tilt/PokerStars actually did shuffle the deck for that hand. Oh man, I’m confused. Either way it’s an entertaining hand.

2 thoughts on “Live Poker is Rigged!!!

  1. Michael

    Yeah I would agree, 2 separate hands with a KK each and then another getting AA, now that sort of thing doesn’t happen all the time. No chance on a full house there for the ones who got KK. I can just imagine myself with a hand as good as even just a pair of kings and betting an “all in” and then finding out the other player has 2 aces, you gotta feel disgusted after that.

  2. Michael

    Who wouldn’t feel disgusted when you find out the other has AAs. Then again, with a KK on hand, you can’t just fold that because it’s a strong hand. Just cross your fingers that nobody as 2 aces or another pair of Kings. ^_^


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