Kentucky Legislation against Poker Sites is Ridiculous!

When I first heard the news of Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear’s plan to seize 141 different domain names from because they violated his state’s anti-gambling laws I thought it was some kind of joke post by the website I was checking out.  I just thought that something like this was too ridiculous to ever be true and dismissed it immediately.  However, I kept seeing the story pop up on more and more sites on the Internet and finally came to the realization that this sad story was true.

Basically, Beshear thinks that he can protect the state of Kentucky’s small potatoes gambling status, in comparison to the world, by making this bold (and totally retarded) move.  Unfortunately, the law has to take this matter seriously and actually has a judge on the case by the name of Thomas Wingate.  Interestingly enough, Doyle’s Room is one of the domain names that will be affected by this case.

There’s no telling what will happen with this story in the end as Wingate is a Kentucky circuit court judge and may have some biased towards the state.  On the other hand, it would be totally crazy if Wingate ruled in favor of Kentucky being allowed to seize the domain names since none of them are registered in the state and they operate on a worldwide basis.

An attorney named Bret Fausett (works for a famous LA law firm called Adorno, Yoss, Alvarado, & Smith) made the humorous comment when interviewed that, “This is a little bit like if the Home Shopping TV network was accused of fraud, and Kentucky decided to seize the show’s cameras and set even though HSN’s real location is nowhere near the state.”

I’d have to agree with Fausett on this funny comment as it seems like Beshear and the state of Kentucky have lost their mind over this matter.  But we’ll have to see in a few days if the law system has lost its mind too.

3 thoughts on “Kentucky Legislation against Poker Sites is Ridiculous!

  1. SkyLowLow

    I have seen this story on Poker News Daily and also thought this was some kind of joke. But it seems to be true. In my opinion the hole case is absolutely crazy and could only appear in the USA.


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