The Introduction of Free Poker Training

Almost every poker player knows about the concept of poker training since there are multiple sites across the Internet offering this service.  Poker training, or coaching, sites have several skilled professional players that teach others winning strategy for the game.  In return for this training, players will pay the site a fee so that they can keep getting more coaching. 

And the whole poker coaching scene has created a mini-industry within poker with lots of people rushing to these sites to learn from the best.  However, things could all change since CardRunners is offering free poker training via the poker room Full Tilt Poker.  Last year, the CardRunners pros signed a deal with Full Tilt where they would represent the room and now Full Tilt has included a deal where people can use their rewards points to get a month of free training at either CardRunners or their newly acquired StoxPoker.

Of course the deal isn’t totally free since players will need to use 2,500 Full Tilt Points to get training from StoxPoker or 4,500 points for training at CardRunners, which is geared towards higher limit players.  But, when you look at how many points everything else costs in the Full Tilt store, this is actually quite a deal.

And with two major poker training websites like CardRunners and StoxPoker offering free poker training via the second largest poker room in the world in Full Tilt, it makes me wonder if other training sites will follow this trend.  I’m sure people will still be paying for poker training services for quite some time, but if the deal that Full Tilt/CardRunners/StoxPoker is offering goes as planned, the other poker coaching sites could set up similar deals with other poker rooms.

3 thoughts on “The Introduction of Free Poker Training

  1. RS

    What does 2,500 FPP points on Tilt buy you in the store? I havent checked.

    In other words, whats the close monetary value of 2500fpps??

  2. Jeremy

    You can get some of the cheaper Full Tilt shirts and hats for around 2,500 points. Also, you can get a water bottle and golf towel for around that amount. But I’ll take the membership over those any day.
    Unfortunately, I see that the stoxpoker 1 month membership has gone up to 5,000 points and the 2,500 cardrunners membership is no longer available.


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