Dealing with Poker Jerks

Whenever I get the chance, I like to play online video games with my Playstation 3.  I would say that the majority of the other players in any game you’ll play are pretty cool and reasonable.  Basically, they’re just on there to relax and have a good time.  Unfortunately, there is also a breed of people that get on these games and act like total assholes doing things like berating others for messing up and bragging about how good they are at the game.  Whether they are good at these games or not, it doesn’t matter because the only reason they play for hours is to fill some giant self-esteem void.

I see the same thing in online poker rooms where most of the people are pretty cool while there is also a minority of losers ruining the game for everyone else.  These are the same players that will hit a straight and criticize those that called them at the river with a middle pair.  Then, they’ll turn around and do the exact same thing as the person they were criticizing before and call that player a “donk”, “fag”, or “idiot” through the message box. 

Now, to deal with this type of player, you could always leave the game and find a friendlier bunch to play with.  But this isn’t any fun and the great thing is that, most of the time, these players aren’t really very good themselves.  Personally, I like to challenge these types by raising them a lot and trying to bait them into focusing about me.  A lot of these types will relentlessly go after you until they’re satisfied that they won a pot from you while forgetting the amount of money they lost to try and “get back at you”.

Sure you’ll lose a few pots to players like this and have to hear about it afterwards.  However, I’ve won a lot more money off of these players than anything and think that challenging them is the best thing to do – as long as you can stand the barrage of text insults thrown your way.



5 thoughts on “Dealing with Poker Jerks

  1. RS

    So you’ve taken something that irritates you and decided to use it to your advantage. Well done.

    If you have the stomach and patience to deal with constant berating then this will be to your benefit.

  2. Mark

    Great Post. Sometimes poker reminds me of when I sued to play halo online and some 12 year old would always try to insult my mother. I usually just keep the chat off at the table these days because it steams me.

  3. StevieO

    I love these type players they me laugh. Once on some online poker tournament there was a guy who got knocked out after some bad beat. So he was ranting to that guy who knocked him out for whole tournament like an observer. Sad case.

  4. Jeremy

    I’m glad to see that there are others who dislike these types of players as much as I do. But the bad thing is that they’ll always be around and not just in poker either.


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