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Different Bluffs

One of the greatest feelings in poker is pulling off a great [[Bluff_(poker)|bluff]].  I know that every time I make good on one, it makes me feel like I just picked the other player’s pocket (which in a sense I kind of have).  But what’s even better is being able to pull a wide range of bluffs off.  

I know that my personal favorite is the continuation bluff which involves betting out before the [[Flop_(poker)|flop]] with a good hand and then continuing to be aggressive after the flop has been shown no matter what it reveals.  It’s always fun to watch how many people will bow out of the hand thinking that I have a monster.  Of course, I’ve been the one bowing out many times as well so I can’t talk too much.

I can talk about the semi-bluff though as it’s always a classic.  Everyone from novices to pros use this one as it sees a player who doesn’t quite have a made hand yet betting out anyways in hopes of getting others to fold.  But if they don’t fold, the player still has a chance to win the hand if their card comes on the river.

One bluff that I don’t use that much is the all-in bluff.  The bluff that involves going all-in without the best hand in hopes of knocking others out worries me too much.  I don’t like risking everything without the nuts or something close to. 

Two bluffs that I rarely ever use are the cold bluff and the check-raise bluff.  I think that the cold bluff, one which involves making daring bets and raises with nothing at all in an attempt to get everyone to fold, is best left for the movies.

The check-raise bluff is one I never use because most of the types of players I go against wouldn’t even think about it.  Check-raise bluffing sees a player do the typical check then raise if the other player opens the betting in order to get more money into the pot.  However, the difference is that the check-raiser doesn’t have a great hand and wants the other player to fold after the raise in fear that a monster hand awaits. 

This only works on very skilled players as the large percentage of people don’t usually worry about a bluff on a check-raise.  This is a pretty complicated one and makes me glad that I just stick with my continuation and semi-bluffs.

How many Tables can you handle in Online Poker?

Hello and welcome to My Poker Thoughts – a blog that discusses poker news, [[Poker_strategy|strategy]], laws, and pretty much anything that relates to the game of [[Poker|poker]]. And the first thing that I’d like to discuss is something I was talking to a friend about a few weeks ago.

Now this guy makes a living playing [[Texas_hold_em|Texas Hold’em]] online and he was telling me about how he plays five tables at once. Five tables!!?? I began wondering how in the world he could concentrate on five tables at one time. His answer was that he gradually worked his way up to that number by taking it table by table. Plus he kept track of his hourly rate to make sure that he could find out what amount of tables was right for him.

Now, as I found out, it’s very possible for anyone to do this if they follow the right steps. Obviously, moving from one table to two tables is the first logical step. And just about anyone should be able to handle playing two tables at once. It may even be an advantage over playing one table as it forces one to concentrate more on the poker rather than surfing the web in between plays, clicking through songs, etc.

One’s hourly rate should definitely go up upon making the switch from playing one table to two (provided you’re not losing money in the first place). Even if you’re playing No-Limit Hold’em where it is very advantageous to study opponents’ tendencies you should have ample time to get a profile of your opponents in both games.

If you find yourself being able to consistently handle two games and make a decent hourly rate, the next move is definitely three tables. This is where things get a lot trickier as three games seems like a huge jump from two. But, even if play drops off initially, it is a move that can definitely be accomplished. I personally found that three tables at once is about optimal for me.

However, there are definitely many people out there that can handle even more tables and not have a significant drop-off in their play such as my friend who can play five at once. This amount is not for me but I’m sure there’s others who can make this kind of jump and I’d definitely encourage them to do so if their play is up to the challenge. You should also check out this Gambling Library for excellent tips on online gambling.