More Great WSOP Moments – Charitable Contributions

A few posts ago, I discussed some of the better moments that the 2008 World Series of Poker has experienced so far.  Well the last one talked about were blown out of the water by the actions of Jimmy Shultz and [[Eric_Brook|Eric Brooks]].

Neither one of these two are really well known among poker fans – especially Brooks who doesn’t have a whole lot of major [[Poker|poker]] experience.  But both came out on top in WSOP events as Shultz won Event #12 while Brooks won Event #14.

That wasn’t what was impressive about the two though as both did something far greater for the game of poker.  Both made huge charitable contributions among the likes that have rarely been seen by poker before.

After winning the 12th event of the WSOP, Shultz decided to donate a fifth of his $257,049 in prize money to the Charleston Fire Department.  He also wore a [[CFD|CFD]] cap throughout the tournament to support the department after they lost nine men in a terrible warehouse fire.  The 50+ grand that Shultz gave them should help out some.

Brooks went even farther in his charity by giving all of his $415,856 to the Decision Education Foundation.  This nonprofit organization is headed by Stanford University and seeks to help children how to make good choices.  Brooks has been a longtime board member of the group.

To me it’s pretty amazing when people can give these types of donations after winning a WSOP.  After all, many players choose to keep all of the money and either invest it or buy fancy things.  I can’t say I blame them either as most people would be inclined to keep that type of money as poker can be a fickle game at times and you never know when the next big win is coming.  That just makes it even more incredible that Brooks and Shultz were able to part ways with significant amounts of cash.

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