A Tragic Strip Poker Story

There are more than a few poker players who’ve chosen to take part in a game of strip poker.  Normally the prime reason behind strip poker is guys just using the game to try and get girls naked.  Oftentimes in the end though, the girls do end up losing but refusing to take their clothes off and the game comes to an end.  Rarely though does a game of strip poker end in a person’s death.

Unfortunately for group of British college students, their game did and they will be haunted by it for the rest of their lives.  20 year-old Mark Day was playing a game of poker with some friends from his university.  The venue was the Majorca Beach Hotel in a resort called Magalluf and Day had just lost the poker game they were playing.

After losing, he had to strip off almost all of his clothes and run along the hotel corridor in just his socks and underwear.  Fueled by alcohol, he undertook the task and began running.  His friend ran with him as they were trying to make it to the elevator.  Sadly, he couldn’t stop in time as a pane of glass approached and fell through a fifth floor window which led to his death 40 feet below on the hotel lobby roof.

His sobbing friends called for help and paramedics arrived on the scene right away but there was nothing they could do for Mark as he was pronounced dead at the scene.  His buddies were then left to try and make some sense of the incident to the police there.  Unfortunately, there wasn’t really much sense to be made of the whole thing and all they could do was recount what had happened.        


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