How Much is Too Much for Poker Lobbying?

I am definitely a person who supports the movement to increase people’s freedom to play poker wherever, whenever, and however they want to anywhere in the world.  In fact I think it’s ridiculous that places like the United States can tell people that they can’t use certain methods to legally play poker online or in their home. 

And along with this, I also support what the PPA (Poker Players Alliance) has been doing to try and secure more freedoms for poker players in places such as the US.  Many other people support what they’re doing too since the membership base has grown to a staggering 1.2 million.  However, I am starting to wonder just how much money should really go to the poker lobbying effort.

This is because some figures have shown that the PPA spent a whopping $283,000 just over the spring of 2008 alone!  Now I know that it costs money to get anything done on Capitol Hill but you’re talking about a nice chunk of change in $283K and it’s only in one fourth of a year.  Imagine the spending for the entire year as it would have to be at least a million.  And the sum could definitely be going up in the future as the PPA will no doubt be trying to put the pressure on Congress even more to lift online gambling regulations on poker.

Speculation seems to indicate that the PPA is hopeful that the ban will be lifted sometime in 2009 but that is only the best case scenario.  I definitely hope that they are successful in their attempt to get the regulations lifted but I also hope that they make some major headway since the costs have been so great in getting things accomplished.  We’ll see how things progress in another few months or so.


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