The Phil Hellmuth Clothing Line

It seems that everyone is coming out with their own clothing line nowadays and why not as plenty of stars have made millions off of the clothes they’re selling.  Well now you can add Phil Hellmuth to the list of stars trying to make money off of their own clothing line as he recently launched the Poker Brat Co. apparel line.

According to Hellmuth, he worked with artists in Hollywood, Missouri, and Las Vegas to come up with designs for the clothes and apparel.  Some of the t-shirt designs include a poker tree, regular shirts with “Poker Brat Clothing Co.” written across the middle, a poker skater, and some random crazy, designs.  The hats have a “PH” logo on them which looks quite similar to the logo the NBA’s Houston Rockets use.

Some of the clothes that Phil is shopping do look pretty cool, but I’m wondering how well his stuff will sell outside of the poker world.  I’m sure that plenty of diehard poker players will buy things from his clothing line, however, I really have to wonder if this is something which will draw interest from the outside world.  After all, it’s not like Phil is on all kinds of Gatorade commercials or graces huge billboards in downtown New York.

But then again, there are plenty of apparel lines which have done well despite their inspiration not being universally recognized.  Professional skateboarder Rob Dyrdek and the DC Shoes brand is one thing that comes to mind right away and I’m wondering if Hellmuth can expect some of the same for his venture.  Another thing which will be interesting to watch for is if other star poker players will start coming out with clothing lines.  I’m guessing we will see this more and more in the future since Hellmuth has broken the ice already.

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