High Stakes Poker

I love watching High Stakes Poker, and just finished watching episode 10 of season 5, which is the final episode involving the current group of players. Here’s a rundown on my thoughts of how they got on:

Antonius – In my opinion he was the best poker player at the table. He has great reads on others, and makes some brilliant moves. There is defintely a fear factor about him. It was good to see him lighten up a little in this final episode, as he often looks way too serious. Yeah I know it’s high stakes poker, but poker is a game after all. The final hand was great when he pushed Dwan out of the pot.

Dwan – Another strong showing from Dwan, and while I have championed him of late – he has been very lucky at times. His play is superb and he scares the hell out of the other players, particularly Esfandiari (did you see the look on his face when Dwan joined the game?). His introduction certainly helped pick this group of players up, as it was a little boring before he joined. He creates action and is great to watch.

Hachem – I was impressed with his play throughout. I had always seen him more as a tournament player and thought he might get owned in this cash game, but he held his own. A very solid performance.

Negreanu – Unlike Dwan, Negreanu doesn’t have much luck in this game does he? I think he did well not to lose more money in certain spots. At the start of this season he was a little on tilt at times, but he appeared more relaxed this time around. I’m sure when the cards fall good for him he’ll start turning it around. He’s one of my favorite players – also comes across as a really nice guy.

Laak – I’m not sure what to make of Laak. Overall I think he played well, though he did get a nice rub of the green. Talks a little to much crap for my liking, but entertaining nonetheless.

Esfandiari – While he’s obviously a good poker player, I don’t rate him nearly as highly as the others at the table. He made some donkey moves and talks even more crap than Laak. Maybe he should concentrate more on the game than making stupid side bets. I couldn’t care less how many press-ups he can do. Play poker man!

Lederer – I’m not sure why they invite him on the show, as he didn’t do anything. I know he plays a tight game, but it’s not interesting to watch. The only hand I remember him playing was against Dwan when he had AK, which he was unlucky to lose to Dwan’s junk. But he didn’t play it that well either, in my opinion.

Cassavetes – I don’t have much to say about him as he didn’t really play many hands, but he played quite steady. Nothing spectacular, but no mug either. He’s probably quite happy with his performance against some world class opponents.

I’m looking forward to the next group of players on High Stakes Poker. If you don’t watch the show then head on over to YouTube and watch it. It’s a really good show – probably the best poker TV show at the moment.

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