How much Money will Full Tilt get for durrrr Challenge

The Tom Dwan challenge has been going on for a couple of weeks at Full Tilt Poker with him taking on Patrik Antonius in heads-up play.  For those who haven’t heard about this, “durrrr” will be playing Antonius under the condition that Patrik will get to keep $1,500,000 if he wins the challenge while Dwan will only pocket $500,000 if he wins the battle.  And since the two will be playing thousands of hands in $200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha it begs the question of how much money Full Tilt Poker will pull in during this event.

The last day I heard about in the challenge saw Dwan earn almost $135K while Antonius lost a little over $135K in 1,541 hands.  There was a $297 difference between the two players and this went as rake towards Full Tilt.  And this doesn’t seem like a whole lot of money to me since the pair is playing for such high stakes, but I went looking for how much rake the two are expected to generate anyways.

The common answer I found was that Dwan and Antonius will make about $10,000 in rake together.  Once again, when you’re talking about $200/$400 limit, $10,000 does not seem like a whole lot of money.  But you have to put things in a bigger perspective too when thinking about how much money this will generate for the site.

And the bigger picture is that the durrrr challenge will be attracting a whole lot more players to Full Tilt through advertising alone.  Lots of poker players have already heard about this challenge and you can count on some of these people being drawn to Full Tilt as a result.  It should be exciting to see who wins in the end! 


2 thoughts on “How much Money will Full Tilt get for durrrr Challenge

  1. gooch

    i would think that dwan and patrick get a rakeback on whatever they play on full tilt, would imagine all the sponsered pro at tilt have a similar type arrangement wouldn’t you think?


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