Chris Moneymaker Effect Part II?

Many poker players and fans are well aware of the Chris Moneymaker effect.  It was a time of wealth and prosperity for the game of poker that occurred mainly because of a little known man from Atlanta, Georgia who defied all odds.  The little known man was Chris Moneymaker and he was playing in his first live tournament after winning a $10,000 buy-in to the WSOP Main Event through a $39 PokerStars satellite.  Amazingly, Moneymaker would go on to defeat Sammy Farha in heads-up play to win the first place prize of $2.5 million.

Now he could potentially have a successor in the wings.  It’s definitely too early to start calling out potential winners for the 2008 Main Event as only 6 days have passed but Brian Schlaedlich would have to be the early favorite as he’s way out in the lead right now.  Schlaedlich has amassed over 800,000 chips which puts him 400,000 chips ahead of the closest competitor.

This has already shocked many in the poker world since the 22 year-old teacher from Cleveland hasn’t been anywhere on the radar in the past making him just as unknown as Chris Moneymaker.   And what’s more is that Schlaedlich won his way through a $135 satellite from a racetrack in West Virginia. 

Now he could certainly crumble and blow through his huge chip advantage as the WSOP still has a ways to go but I would hope not.  People like Schlaedlich are what give the Main Event its mystique because it shows that anyone can win it all no matter what the odds are stacked against them.

With the separation from July to November in final table coverage, it would be huge if Schlaedlich could just make it to the last table because this would mean tons of coverage for the young man and lots more people flocking to sign up for online poker.  I know I’ll be rooting for him. 

One thought on “Chris Moneymaker Effect Part II?

  1. rakeback

    Yeah, I would’ve liked to see Schaedlich win too, unfortunately he’s busted out…

    Mabe some other “Cris Moneymaker” will come through though, and give this industry a much needed boost. Plenty of “nonames” left in the field after Day4. Anyways, we’ll have till October to keep guessing…


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