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What Exactly does the World Poker Congress Do?

If you’re like me, you may be seeing recent information popping up on the Internet about the World Poker Congress and how it plans to hold a convention in Budapest, Hungary.  Or you could’ve also seen stuff about it in the past since this is the third annual meeting that the organization will be holding.  And also if you’re like me, you may be wondering just what in the hell the World Poker Congress does!

Are they anything like the Congress of the United States?  Do they have votes on different matters and hold a third of the executive powers within the poker community?  Honestly, if someone would have told me the answer to both of these questions was a resounding “yes”, I wouldn’t have known the difference.  This is why I set out to discover myself just what exactly the World Poker Congress was.

After doing some searching on various sites around the Internet, I discovered that the World Poker Congress claims to be an event that seeks to bring both the heads of online and live poker together so that they can grow in unison.  Basically, what this means is that the WPC seeks to see how both online and live poker companies can use each other to make more money.  Oh, and there’s some sweet marketing seminars on the side too.

In addition to the aspect of figuring out how to make more cash and recruit more poker players, the WPC also brings out big wigs such as WPT CEO Steve Lipscomb and (in the past) WSOP Commissioner Jeffrey Pollack.  I have also noticed that a few poker pros such as John Kalmar, Michelle Lau, and Marcel Luske will be speaking at the meeting too.  But as far as I’m concerned, they won’t be speaking too much about playing poker since the convention doesn’t seem to have anything to do with that.

Kentucky Legislation against Poker Sites is Ridiculous!

When I first heard the news of Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear’s plan to seize 141 different domain names from because they violated his state’s anti-gambling laws I thought it was some kind of joke post by the website I was checking out.  I just thought that something like this was too ridiculous to ever be true and dismissed it immediately.  However, I kept seeing the story pop up on more and more sites on the Internet and finally came to the realization that this sad story was true.

Basically, Beshear thinks that he can protect the state of Kentucky’s small potatoes gambling status, in comparison to the world, by making this bold (and totally retarded) move.  Unfortunately, the law has to take this matter seriously and actually has a judge on the case by the name of Thomas Wingate.  Interestingly enough, Doyle’s Room is one of the domain names that will be affected by this case.

There’s no telling what will happen with this story in the end as Wingate is a Kentucky circuit court judge and may have some biased towards the state.  On the other hand, it would be totally crazy if Wingate ruled in favor of Kentucky being allowed to seize the domain names since none of them are registered in the state and they operate on a worldwide basis.

An attorney named Bret Fausett (works for a famous LA law firm called Adorno, Yoss, Alvarado, & Smith) made the humorous comment when interviewed that, “This is a little bit like if the Home Shopping TV network was accused of fraud, and Kentucky decided to seize the show’s cameras and set even though HSN’s real location is nowhere near the state.”

I’d have to agree with Fausett on this funny comment as it seems like Beshear and the state of Kentucky have lost their mind over this matter.  But we’ll have to see in a few days if the law system has lost its mind too.

Slow Economy claims Duplicate Poker

I’ve always liked the concept that Duplicate Poker brought to the table within the online poker community.  It’s style of play focussed on two players at different tables holding the same cards and seeing who could play them the best.  The winner was obviously the person who made the right moves with the cards and outplayed their opponent.  In this system there was no bad beats, no bad stretch of cards, and no people lucking into money. 

However, a unique concept wasn’t enough to survive in the end as Duplicate Poker fell victim to the poor economy that the world is starting to experience.  The fact that Duplicate Poker was one of the few places that was allowed to operate in the US (because it wasn’t considered gambling) couldn’t even save them in the end. 

And this was a tremendous surprise to me personally because I saw on a site called where Duplicate Poker was supposed to be kicking ass despite the major turmoil that other rooms were experiencing due to the world economy.  The article even mentioned something about how their player base had increased by 25% during one bad economic stretch.  

For this reason, the news was kind of puzzling to me.  Especially when the Duplicate CEO, Pinhas Romik, was making statements such as, “ has quickly gained global appeal and poker players at all levels are playing this new game and developing new strategies for winning. Our revenues have increased six-fold since the public launch and we expect the game’s popularity to continue its upward trajectory.”

Going beyond the fact that this statement just seemed really cocky, it also makes me wonder if it was just a last ditch effort to try and shuttle as many people towards Duplicate as possible to save the company.  Here’s the statement that their site now says, “Duplicate is sadly bidding farewell to its players. Caught in the middle of the global financial situation, the company is not able to continue to provide service. We are a small victim of the global financial crisis.”

That’s quite a change from the former.  I just hope that everyone is able to get their money out of Duplicate Poker without losing any of it.


Poker enters the Hip-Hop World

There’s normally a formula that rappers and other artists in the hip-hop community follow to release successful records.  They normally try to build some type of street cred, align with some of the people who’ve already made it in the hip-hop world, and then rap about the streets and other related subjects.  Poker usually doesn’t fall anywhere in the mix.

However, a rapper named The Illest thinks differently and released his rap about poker that features a full 3 minute and 25 second song.  It’s called “Live pros gonna die hoez” and, in my opinion, it isn’t absolutely horrible for a poker rap song.  Of course this is in comparison to Prahlad Friedman’s “Poker is Fun” rap that was done for the WSOP.  Hear this abomination here.

Now I’ll admit that the name of the song in “Live pros gonna die hoez” is absolutely retarded but some of the lyrics are pretty humorous such as when The Illest starts fires several disses at Phil Hellmuth including, “If he talks to me, I’m gonna put him on his fucking back.”  The basic jest of the song is that online players are better than live pros.  Plus there’s a shameless promotional line for thrown into the track which I’m guessing may have some definite influence on the song.  Listen to the whole thing here.

The Illest better watch out though because Phil Hellmuth has some rapping skills of his own which can be seen here.  And he’s not nearly as bad as Prahlad Friedman so he might actually be able to defend himself against the verbal assault from The Illest.  Do I smell a future rap battle here?

Ivan Demidov in Two WSOP Finals

A great deal has been made over the impact that Russian players have had on the World Series of Poker this year.  In fact I remember myself doing a post on this subject which can be seen here.  In short, quite a few Russians made some major cashes during the WSOP including Ivan Demidov who is primed to make a huge cash when he plays at the final table of the Main Event in November. 

But Demidov wasn’t quite satisfied with just one final table in the WSOP as he decided to try and go for another one in London during the World Series of Poker Europe.  Amazingly, Demidov was able to weave his way through the WSOPE Main Event field and find himself in third place going into the final table.  He is currently behind John Juanda and Stanislav Alekhin with 1,006,000 chips.  Alekhin is second with 1,278,000 chips while the well known Juanda has 1,349,000.

Juanda isn’t the only player that’s well known at the final table though as poker star Daniel Negreanu is still alive and well in fourth place right behind Demidov with 1,002,000 chips.  Being so close to the top of the final table leaderboard, many people think that Negreanu has a good chance of winning the WSOPE Main Event.  But there are plenty of other solid players near Negreanu too such as Scott Fischman who’s got 732,000 chips.

Of course there’s Demidov too who will have the rare opportunity to win both a WSOP and WSOPE title (although this has only been going on for two years now).  I’ll definitely be watching to see how he does in his bid.  Here’s a rundown of the whole final table:

John Juanda £1,349,000
Stanislav Alekhin £1,278,000
Ivan Demidov £1,006,000
Daniel Negreanu £1,002,000
Robin Keston £849,000
Scott Fischman £732,000
Toni Hiltunen £386,000
Bengt Sonnert £385,000
Chris Elliott £281,000